generation lap

generation lap
The tendency for young people to be increasingly more technically savvy than their parents or elders.
Example Citation:
"It's not a generation gap; it's a generation lap. Gen Xers are lapping their elders in terms of their superior technological knowledge,' says Heather Neely, a Palo Alto management consultant who conducts workshops to help companies manage Gen Xers."
— Rebecca Kuzins, "Young boss, older worker, new problem," The San Francisco Examiner, March 7, 1999
This term was coined by Don Tapscott in the October 14, 1996 issue of Advertising Age:
"We're shifting from generation gap to generation lap as kids flash by their parents on the track, lapping them in many areas of daily life. This generation of Net-savvy kids, quite frankly, doesn't trust its parents' ability to drive fast enough in the wired world."
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